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Lumbar Scoliosis: XLIF Followed by PSIF

Surgeon(s): Joseph R. O'Brien, MD, MPH
Hospital: George Washington University, Spine Service
Introduction: NA
History: PMHX: Post Herpetic neuralgia, sarcoidosis Meds: Oxycontin 80 TID, Prednisone 80 daily PSurHX: LEFT aortic dacron graft in iliac vessel
Work-Up: Exam: 5/5 Strength IP, Q, TA, EHL, GS Sensation Decreased to light touch on LEFT S1 dermatome Normo-reflexic 66 year old with progressive pain in back and legs. Radiates to RIGHT anterior thigh and left buttocks and bottom of foot
Treatment: Anterior? Posterior? Anterior-Posterior? Posterior-Anterior? Posterior-Anterior-Posterior?
Results: Results Image 1
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