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Surgeon(s): A. Nick Shamie, MD
Hospital: UCLA School of Medicine
Introduction: NA
History: History: 42 yo male, electrician No significant medical co-morbidity... Except he is a smoker Had Right CTR Right arm radiculopathy Difficulty with fine motor activity ie.
Work-Up: Physical exam: No weakness Decreased sensation in C5, C6 Bilateral Hoffman’s, Inverted radial reflex Positive Spurling’s on the right in C6 dermatome Wide based gait Buttoning his shirt and twisting the wires at work 42 yr male, electrician. No significant medical co-morbidity...Except he is a smoker. Had Right CTR, Right arm radiculopathy, Difficulty with fine motor activity.
Treatment: Best Surgical Option? 1. ACDF C3-4 and C4-5 2. Corpectomy C4 3. Corpectomy C4 and ACDF C6-7 4. Lamincetomy 5. Laminectomy and Fusion 6. Laminaplasty
Results: Results Image 1
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